About Our Individual Walks / Pop in Service - £10.00

Individual walks can be on or off lead walks and are great for older dogs or dogs that are a little less sociable and prefer to be in their own company. We can also do pop-ins for younger pups. We offer 20 minute individual walks and pop ins from Monday- Friday between 8- 3pm.

What’s included in this walk.

All sessions include a warm greeting at the door and a quick play in the house before we lead up head out. If needed, your dog will get a quick clean and then dried off after a wet walk.

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Looking for a great walking companion for your four-legged friend? I offer a great range of walks to suit the needs of you and your dog. If you're interested and would like to discuss any aspect of my services further then please get in contact via my Contact Form. I offer a no-obligation consultation to get to know your dog's routine a little better and to help you pick the best type of walk for them.

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